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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Check this out Pinpoint laser for Tinea pedis

Nowadays, elder people and even young people are considering about Tinea pedis and nails.
we are talking about Tinea pedis and nails today.
We have some customer and patients who want to have treatment for it.
 Tinea pedis a infection disease which is caused by virus and germ.
It could be spread to another nails and pedis and also to other people.
So, we recommend patients to have treatment. 

4 types of Tinea pedis
1. DSO: Distal subungual lateral onychomycosis (comes from side of pedis)
2. PSO: Proximal subungual onychomycosis ( comes from the root of pedis)
3. WSO: White superficial onychomycosis (becomes spreading white)
4. Candidal: Onychomycosis ( comes from virus and germ)

Normally, it's a cream for Tinea pedis. It's less effective and it might take about 1 year or 1 year
and half for recovering. Also, oral medication is less effective and it might takes about 3 or 6 months for recovering. Oral medication has hepatotoxicity, so people should not take Tinea pedis oral medication if you are pregnant, have liver disease, and even drink alchole a lot.  

 Finally, Renewme Skin clinic has laser for Tinea pedis and nails.
The laser is called "Pine Point Laser" See! is it awesome laser, right?
you can have laser treatment for Tinea pedis and nails for you.

The hour for treatment is about 1 or 2 minutes for each pedis and nail.
You should feel No painful by having Pine Point Laser.
You might feel only a little bit heat from it. 

 If you see the picture above, the treatment is so simply and no painful. You don't need to take any oral medicine and put any cream on your pedis and nails. Pine Point Laser is more effective and better than other medicine and cream.

 If you have any worries about Tinea pedis, Don't worry about your pedis and nails.
We always welcome you to come our clinic.
Don't be hesitate! Visit Renewme Skin Clinic!

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