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Friday, June 30, 2017

Dark Circle/ Eye bag Treatment

Hello guys! If you have dark circle under eyes, it might make your face more darker and even skin tone more darker. The cause of dark circle is

1. Sagging under eye 
2. Pigmentation under eye 
3. deep vascular vein under eye

People came to the clinic for the consultation, dark-circle. The most reason is from sagging under eyes. It is simple to treat to remove dark-circle at Renewme Skin Clinic. A best way is to treat dark circle is treated by "Filler" injected  under eye area. It would be helpful than other treatment. The filler can be used by Hyaluronic acid, Ellense, Sculptra, and Aesthefill as well.

Some people think that they have sunken area under eyes and it make more darker and darker in suken area. Then they decided to have eye bag removal. However, in this case, it makes more severe  after removing eye bags. Sometimes patients came to the clinic and they worried about dark circle after dark circle surgery from plastic surgen. So, it won't be effective from the surgery. So, people come to skin clinic to have more effective and suitable non-invasive treatment.

Gender: Female
Age: 30's 
Treatment: Dark circle for filler 

She worried about Dark circle and it make sunken area under eyes.
(November, 2015)

After 2 weeks, she had effective treatment more lighter than before 
(December, 2015)

After one year and half, she doesn't have any treatment after 2015.  
She doesn't have any dark circle under eyes and keep treatment for a while.

 Here is Before & After photo

Gender & Age: Female /  30's 
Skin concern: Dark Circle
Treatment: Filler 

After treatment 1 year later, the patient is satisfied with the result of Filler.
The result remains about 1 year and half and it continues to lasts for a long. 

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