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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New techniques:DNA Self-Corium for depressed scar from the Acne and other accident

<DNA Self-Corium>

It is effective to treat for the depressed scar and deeper scar from the Acne. Its also effective for facial depressed scar from chicken pox and other accidents. Before, the clinic used for fractional laser like fraxel laser, but its limited to treat them for the scar. The scar is pitted and depressed on skin surface and it formed into the dermal layer, deepest area in the skin. So, its hard to treat deepest scar by fractional layer only. 

In the picture, we can say that the scar is like the ice berg. The ice on the surface is a part of the scar and we can see more iceberg under the surface and its like depressed and pitted scar. The depressed scar means that fibrous tissues holds together and make harder from the scar area. Thats why the tissues pull the scars into the depressed area.


<RENEWME DNA Self-corium>

By injection CO2 gas into the skin layer, it cuts off the hard fibrous tissues and makes air-pockets. Air-pockets help the new skin tissues grow and fill up into the scar. Also, its injected by DNA injection to regenerate collagen into the scar to fill up. DNA injection is PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide) ingredient that helps for the damaged cells, scars and wounds. Also, by injected self-corium, it helps to slow down the adhesion of dermis and help the skin to regenerate collagen and elastin into the scar.

On March, the men in 40s age came our clinic to remove the scar on his forehead. He got the scar from 20s age. When he is older, his skin loses tightness and it makes the scar deeper and depressed. However, he went to the other clinics and they said that its hard to treat it by laser, and recommended Invasive surgery. Also, you might leave the scar little bit after the surgery. So it required to have laser treatment as well.

 Before photo (March , 9th, 2017)
He got the deep and long scar on his forehead.

DNA Self-corium helps to remove the scar to fill out the skin.
Can you see the result right after 2 sessions from DNA self-corium?

After photo (April , 13th, 2017)
We dont see the scar on his forehead

Only 2 sessions from DNA self-corium treatment,
 you can see the difference with Before & After photo.

Renewme Dermatology has DNA self-corium for the hard, depressed scars from the skin,
It is a effective way to treat the scars and procedure time is as short as 10-30 minutes, and it has almost no downtime and patients can go back to daily life. Also, they can get satisfactory results with fewer sessions.

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