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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review for Hydrogel Maskpack at renewme skin clinic

Hello guys! Renewme had a collaboration with Shennyyang from Singapore. She had a Mini-liposuction at renewme skin clinic. We also gave her our NEW cosmetics like Triple Water Hydrogel Mask pack, Sun block, and Moisurizer after treatment. Also, she left our review of cosmetics. 

 She got really many cosmetics from other branch like Etude, faceshop, clio etc.She also put RENEWME NEW Triple water mask pack on her photo. She also upload her instagram after trying out the mask pack. She said that she really liked the mask pack for moisturizing and also it's really jellish to put it on the face. It's really more comfortable and smoothen than other maskpacks.

She posted her blog about our cosmetics from Renewme here.

Triple Water Hydrogel Masks, Sun protection cream and Intensive Moisturizing cream!
Tired the mask last night and it was soooo gooood!!!!!!!! Mask was jelly-is instead of the pater kind and it sticks on the face really well!!! And my face felt freaking hydrated just after one use. Those little bumps on my chin also disappered!!! Honestly, I am rly quite amazed at it. I guess that'sthe difference between a 1000 won sheet mask VS 6000won sheet mask :))

People who want to have a moisturizing with glowy skin need to have treatment at
Renewme & care at Home. We also recommend Home care from Moisturizing, hydrogel mask.
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