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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Get Smoothen skin from the depressed scar with DNA Self-corium

 Renewme has a NEW technique for Acne scar package with DNA Self-Corium. 
DNA self-corium help the depressed scar from Acne into Skin Dermal (Corium) layer. 
DNA self-corium is a treatment that reconstructs new tissues in the skin layer and regenerates new collagen in an Air pocket and injects self-corium injection to fill up into the depressed area from Acne.

***Principle of DNA Self-corium***

After injecting CO2 laser, it cut off the tissue and make air pockets. It helps the new skin grow from collagen and full up into the scar. Then DNA solution is injected into the dermal layer and it regenerates damaged cells and scars.

***Video of Treatment***

The doctor recommends Acne scar that includes Frequency Needle, Mosaic laser with DNA self-corium.if a patient who has the severe scar on the targeted area. If you combine with the Acne scar package, it would be more effective to show the results.  Check out the vide of DNA self-corium.

If you want to have more detail information, check out our website.


***Before & After Photos***

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