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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Botox for Excessive Sweat - Underarms and Face

Uh oh, guys. It's almost April already, can you believe how time seriously just flies? Just a couple more days and one fourth of 2016 will have gone by. Cuh-raaaazy!

And you know what we have to start worrying about now? Warm weather. Which is actually a good thing for most people, as spring generally means fresh new beginnings, flowering bursting into bloom, picnics by the river, and all that. But for some people like me, it means another season of sweat. I'm the kind of person that sweats even in the winter, and if my clothes aren't cotton and can't absorb it, I'll feel icky all day.

A temporary, yet simple and effective treatment is botox injection. Botox, or botulinum toxin, blocks the nerve signals that trigger sweat glands to release sweat. This injection can apply to the underams, palms, feet, and even the face!

Dr. Ko Na Young of our Hwagok branch has tried botox injection for nostrils, and has found that this not only reduces the width of the nose, it also reduces sweating in the upper lip area!

Here you can see a visible reduction in the size of her nostrils. She's killed too birds with one stone thanks to botox injections - a prettier nose AND less sweat in a really annoying area. Because let's be real, a lot of us sweat starting from the upper lip when it gets hot or when we eat something spicy... and it can get embarrassing sometimes!

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