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Monday, March 14, 2016

Collaboration with Agri Velt

When Singapore-based power blogger Agri Velt stopped by Korea, she visited our clinic and shared her experiences on her blog, which you can visit by clicking here. Follow her journey to our clinic and check out what her visit to our clinic was like!

Renewme Skin Clinic has started a pickup service for patients to/from the hotel or airport.
We are planning to prepare a range of vehicles to choose from.
No more hassle in finding our clinic, as the driver will take you right there!

Details will be prepared on our website shortly.

Agri was initially interested about fat graft, since she had really liked her results from last time. However, Dr. Ha was of the opinion that fat graft was not suitable this time because she had lost weight and there wasn't enough fat! Can you imagine? I would give anything to have that same problem... or I wish it were possible for her to take my fat instead! >_<

After consultation and contemplation, Agri decided on the following treatments:

Shurink HIFU laser for lifting and improved skin tone
PRP DermaShine (hydrolift, vampire facial) for dewy glowing skin
Excel V laser for redness

Photos are always taken before treatment to keep record of our patients' progress.
Don't worry, they will never be leaked outside of the clinic,
unless the patient consents, like Agri is voluntarily posting. ^^

Chilling while waiting for numbing cream!

And now let's take a peek into the action~

For a more detailed insight into what the treatment was like,
visit Agri's blog page by clicking the link below:

For those of you not familiar with the immediate effects of PRP DermaShine
(also known as hydrolift injection or vampire facial)
Agri provided detailed photos to let you in on the big secret!

Indeed, a wee bit of downtime is inevitable,
but all worth it when the end result is dewy & glowing skin!

And beautiful Agri days after her treatments.
Her skin is so pretty and clear... as is the rest of her face! #LIFEGOALS

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Line: skin0075
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