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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Laser Treatments for Scars - Seoul, Korea

Scars can appear on the skin for a number of reasons: burns, surgery, wounds, inflammation etc.
However, one thing all scars have in common is that the result is an abnormal growth of fibrous tissues that replace regular skin.

The basic objective of scar treatment is to transform the tangled and irregular collagen tissues and remodel it to become as close to normal as possible. It is not possible to perfectly restore a scar back into normal skin, but we can try our best to make it similar.

Laser treatments for scars include fractional lasers, vascular lasers, and laser toning. Combination with other procedures such as triamcinolone injections, fillers, botox, subcision, pinhole treatment, surgery etc., can yield even better results.

Determining which treatment combination is best for you, of course, is up to the dermatologist you consult. Often times the doctor will recommend a series of treatments and combinations that require multiple sessions for an effective recovery.

Here is the before/after photos for a series of laser treatments, for a scar on the nose:

And this is for a scar on the leg, treated with fractional laser and triamcinolone injections:

The earlier the scar is treated, of course, the better. However, even old scars can be improved to some degree with steady and regular treatment sessions.

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