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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Real Results for Acne Scar Laser Treatment - Seoul, Korea

Red, blotchy, painful pimples and breakouts already pose a pretty big problem when it comes to health or aesthetic concerns. However, severe acne can also leave behind scars that, unlike acne, cannot easily be treated or removed. Such acne scars are formed after inflammatory acne, due to a loss of collagen fibers and tissues. Atrophic, or depressed, acne scars are the most common type in patients and can be further classified into icepick, boxcar, and rolling scars. Regardless of what they are exactly called, the treatments for such atrophic acne scars are the same.

Here it is important to note that acne scars actually go a lot deeper than they seem. Here is an illustration of the formation of acne:

As you can tell, the scar tissues are not simply the dented parts of the skin that are visible to the eye; treatment must extend to within the skin as well, for thorough and complete treatment. This is why some patients may have tried multiple sessions of treatment and still have not seen good results; if you treat the superficial layer of the skin only, you are not treating the scars at a fundamental level. Therefore, rather than repeating one type of laser for many times, it might be a better idea to combine different treatments into one session, to maximize the results and improvement.

Fractional laser might be the most commonly known acne scar treatment. For enlarged pores or mild acne scars, this laser only can yield very good results. However, if the atrophic scars are deep and severe, fractional laser might not be enough since it only targets the surface of the skin, whereas the scar tissues extend much more deeply.

At Renewme Skin Clinic, we recommend combining fractional laser with a treatment called INNOfill. We have implemented this equipment at our clinic a few years ago, and found that this was quite effective not only for acne scars but for cases of inflammatory acne as well.

INNOfill uses a special patented needle that is inserted underneath the skin for treatment. This needle not only helps break off the tangled scar tissues, but also emits radiofrequency energy from the tip to regenerate collagen and elastin, helping the scars fill in much more quickly. With regular sessions of this treatment combo, here is an example of results you might expect:

Of course, scars cannot be 100% removed or healed. However, if your acne scars are very deep, even a 50% improvement rate can make your skin look a lot smoother and clearer. Treatment time for this combo can longer than an hour with numbing cream included, but it is well worth the time and effort if you think of the results afterward!

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