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Friday, March 18, 2016

What makes us the optimal clinic for filler injections?

Dermal filler is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in Korea, because it's quick, has nearly no downtime, and has immediate results. However, does it mean that filler is an easy procedure?

As simple and easy as it may seem - I mean, it's just injecting a gel into the skin, right? - filler injection requires precision, experience, knowledge, and skill. The slightest mistake, or even bad luck, can cause serious side effects and consequences that may result in necrosis (death of skin cells) or even permanent blindness. It's extremely important that the doctor avoids injecting the filler too close to the capillary vessels, as to not block the flow of blood that run all along the nose and connects to the eyes as well. Furthermore, the design before injection is also important, since too much filler in all the wrong places can make your face look unnatural.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your dermal filler be injected by a board certified dermatologist who has extensive knowledge of the skin as well as years of clinical experience - someone who is fully qualified and prepared to reverse any emergencies in the rare case that anything might go wrong. And all of these properties are what makes Renewme Skin Clinic the optimal candidate.

Doctors Who Know Best
All doctors at Renewme Skin Clinic are board certified and fully trained dermatologists. There is a lot to be considered regarding filler injection techniques - facial volume, balance, depth and direction of needle/cannula, and more. Fillers are injected by dermatologists who understand best about skin, at a professional level.

Years of Clinic Experience
We are an established clinic network in Korea since 2008 - our doctors see hundreds of thousands of patients every year. This means our doctors have had more clinical experience than the average dermatologist.

Safe & Certified Products ONLY
Fillers that have not been officially approved can cause serious side effects. There are plenty of products that claim to last for years - however, we choose to use only certified and original brands that have been approved by the FDA, CE etc. And although the brands we use may not last as long as others, our doctors prefer to use something that is a bit short-lived, but at least 100% safe and dissolves naturally over time.

Regular Medical Seminars
In order to standardize our services and maintain the same level of skill at all 6 clinics, we host regular medical seminars where our senior-level doctors can share their knowledge and skill with fellow dermatologists. All of our doctors are constantly researching and studying the most effective and safest way to administer any kind of treatment on our patients, to ensure safe and satisfactory results.

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