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Friday, February 17, 2017

Acne & Acne scar clinic at Renewme Skin Clinic

Acne & Acne scar Clinic

Why do I get Acne on the face?

Patients need to find where the acnes come from. It caused by personal life style factors, hormones, skin types. There are many causes break out acne. Patients need precise consultation and treatment. Also, its best way to remove acne scar and remain the scar from the treatment. After acne treatment, they need to care for their skin continually.

What is Acne?

Acne is a disease caused by keratin and sebum that blocks the pores. It causes inflammatory lesions on the skin. Sebum secretion protects the skin and gives it elasticity, but Excessive sebaceous secretions block the sebaceous glands secretion, causing the pores to oxidize and cause acne symptoms.
Especially when it comes to puberty, it decreases as an adult.
In some cases, acne persists even after becoming an adult.


The cause of acne is not clear depending on peoples skin type. There are many factors caused by many different causes. That’s why it's best to have consultation and treatment precise consultation with a dermatologist.
It is very important that you choose the most appropriate treatment for your skin condition.



If you have acne slightly, we recommend you to visit the clinic about once a week to treat them.
Also, if you have severe acne, it’s best to ask you to visit the clinic twice a week until symptoms improvement. (In some cases, you may be able to take an oral medicine) 

1. Extraction + Scaling
 면포 압출 

Aesthetic specialists who have been trained for many years without damages to surrounding tissues will carry out extraction of acne.

Scaling is a regular way to remove dead skin cell which is called corneum and wastes from your skin.
One of the most cause’s acne is that the excessive keratin is blocked by the pores and the sebum in the sebaceous glands cannot eliminate out. That effective way to treat acne.

2. INNO-Plus +

INNO-PLUS+ is treatment that the sebaceous glands are patented to generate high frequencies only at the tip of the needle. It is an effective way to reduce sebaceous glands by inserting needles under the dermis layer and delivering high-frequency energy directly into the sebaceous glands.

When injecting needles directly into each acne and using high frequency heat, the treatment helps to remove the acne inflammation and treat the root of acne. This treatment is more effective acne treatment unlike traditional acne treatment.


3. Acne Omega LED Light LLT/ PDT

Prior medication-based acne treatment methods had harsh side effects (such as foetal deformities) and only offered a temporary solution. PDT (Omega light, photodynamic therapy) is the latest technology that minimizes all the flaws of former methods.

By using specific wavelengths to destroy acne bacteria and reduce sebum, Omega light offers a quick and effective way to treat acne and remove blackheads, as well as cleanse pores and exfoliate. Originally developed to reduce pain and dress wounds, PDT is now also used for post-surgical recovery, hair restoration, aesthetic skin care, and obesity.

***Advantages of PDT***
l  Safe and convenient since no intake of medication or skin application is required
l  Safe for expectant mothers and patients on other medications
l  Safe for patients with antibiotic resistance
l  Maximum effects with shortened treatment time
l  Almost no side effects
l  Comprehensive treatment effects for not only acne but flushing, scars, pores, blackheads, and dead skin cells
l  Treats acne from original source

If you want to know what factors cause of acne on your face, dont hesitate to contact us! We will help you find the cause from consultation and treatment from dermatologists at Renewme!

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