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Monday, February 20, 2017

Are you interested in Facial lifting with natural volume with the longest lasting? Check out the blog!

Thread Lifting Clinic

Thread Lifting is effective for wrinkle, skin elasticity, and facial lifting in Korea and other countries as well. It’s one of popular treatments in our clinic and even every clinic in Korea nowadays.

It’s a simple treatment, not complicate procedures.
The best effective of thread lifting has immediate effects after treatment that has the biggest advantages among Lifting treatment.

Recently, there are 1st generation thread types to 3rd-1 generation type which are 
V Lifting, Tornado Lifting, twisted Lifting, and Blue Rose Lifting.
Today, we have NEW 4th generation type of thread is that Silhouette lifting I
We would like to talk about 4th generation, Silhouette lifting.
Check it out for more detail information!!

Renewme Skin Clinic Wrinkle/Elasticity/Lifting
*** Silhouette Lifting (Silhouette soft) ***


Silhouette Lifting is a non-surgical lifting procedure using a special medical thread with Polylactic acid (PLA) component that is dissolved in the body.

The patented cone-shaped thread helps collagen production and regenerates the skin layer with improving instant volume 
and lifting effects.

Silhouette Lifting POINT
Shape of thread, “Cone”


The difference between Silhouette lifting and other thread is that the thread is not a cog, but a 360 degree cone. This cone is positioned in optimized skin after the procedure.

Natural facial expression changes without nerve stimulation.
Collagen regeneration effects in the process of melting.

Renewme Skin Clinic Wrinkle/Elasticity/Lifting

**Order of Procedure**


1.   Design
Check out the selected area for points of thread


2.   Disinfection & Anesthesia
Progress disinfection and anesthesia for safe procedures

3.   Treatment
Silhouette thread is inserted into the skin to perform lifting procedure.


4. Final
After inserting the thread into the skin, cut out the remaining thread on the outside of the skin.

Before the procedure POINT!

Silhouette lifting is a treatment to inject the threads into the skin. It’s not a surgery and it is a minimally invasive facelift procedure approve by the FDA and KFDA.
At a certified hospital, a reliable dermatologist at Renewme Skin Clinic
Get it done safely and V-line on your face! J


Silhouette lifting is done by the manufacturer SINCLAIR
Only dermatologists who have received hands-on training can do treatment.

All the dermatologists at Renewme Skin Clinic have taken a training and certified Silhouette lifting for Safe and effective treatment.


Immediate effects for wrinkle improvement, skin lifting,
Renewme Skin Clinic, Thread Lifting

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