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Friday, February 10, 2017

Busan Winter Trip with Friends in Korea (Place)

Hello! I will post about Busan trip for place today. I will give you more information about famous tour place in Busan. Before the trip, we have carry-bags, so my friends and I go to Lotte Hotel in Seomyeon station. The hotel is famous in Busan and is nearby Lotte department. So, my friends and I chose the hotel. The hotel looks like yellow with Gold decoration. There are many people there during weekends. We got the normal room for staying few days in Busan.

Before going around the city, we decided to have branch in the hotel. We also look around the hotel for souvenir shop for traditional Korean for my friends. Then we go to the lobby to have branch on 1 floor. We just started to have Busan trip from Lotte hotel.  

There are lots of food there like bread, cheese, ham, and soup etc. I Love sweat bread here. Try them in Lotte hotel. The food was fresh and delicious and the quality of food was great to us. We had fruit with some bread while we were having a coffee. We can also see the view of Seomyeon in Busan. It was also good for lunch. We will come back to check the night view at night.

Then we went to Haewondae that is popular city in Busan. We headed to Dongbaek Island (동백섬). The meaning of Dongbaek is camellia flower. In there, there were so many camellia flowers there. This is a famous place right now, so there are so many people to have tour and foreigners. Isn’t it cool, right? J

There is also walk trail in Dongbaek Island. People can walk and go round the island. Actually, there is Nurimaru APEC House (누리마루 APEC 하우스) that was opened ASEAN-Republic of Korea commemorative summit 2014 in Busan. Many people have summit conference in Nurimaru APEC House. 

Here is the view of Haewondae in Busan. Isn’t it cool? The weather was so fresh and little cold outside, but we can see Blue Ocean around Busan. I felt like I want to stay here for few more days. My friends and I want to other place in Busan, we didn’t have any time to stay longer, so we will be sure that we will come back to Busan for more touring for more days long. If you have any questions to have information, let me know and contact me via messenger or email J I will give you more popular place in Busan. Thank you for reading my posts here! Thank you! 

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