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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Check out faceflush (Spider Vein) information at Renewme Skin Clinic!

Severe windy and cold weather
Redness and flushing on your skin!
We will give you solutions for spider vein skin types.
After consultation & treatment, you can get self-confidence UP!

***What is facial flush (Spider Vein)? ***

Facial Flush (Telangiectasia) is a condition in widened blood vessels like red lines or patterns like spider webs on the skin. We are also called by Spider veins

Dry air, dust, ultraviolet rays, severe wind
Skin is affected by the weather outside
As skin aging progresses,
The elastic fibers are damaged and the blood vessels are stretched out.
As we get older, it can get worse and worse!
Need more proper treatment and care is required.

Renewme Skin Clinic

***Types of face flush Treatment***

# Excel V Laser

Excel V Laser has 3 modes which help removing lesion and skin diseases
such as Spider vein, (facial flush), removal vascular, pigmentation etc
People can treat vascular, deeper vascular, pigmentation, skin diseases, pores, skin elasticity, and scar in the outer layer of skin.
You can treat various skin diseases from ONLY equipment. 

KTP Laser: for superficial vascular conditions, pigmentation

Vascular (Long Pulse Nd: YAG): for deep vascular conditions pigmentation

Genesis: for improving wrinkles, scars, and skin elasticity

IPL Laser

IPL Laser is different from normal laser that has wide wavelength complex laser beam. Its for many trouble skin diseases, not only one. Its helpful to improve skin condition laser. Its effective for face flush, pigmentation, brown spots, acne scar for redness.

Its possible to have IPL treatment by wide wavelengths and different types of wavelengths & depths of skin types. Its effective to treat diverse diseases from no heat damage in Only equipment. 

LDM Water drop lifting

LDM lifting makes a balance of the cells in the skin to relieve skin troubles and amplify the collagen producing enzyme to make more young and healthy skin.

Also, this treatment produces the highest Heat Shock Proteins to increases skin protection and to minimize skin troubles and other diseases.

Cryocell Facial Care

Cry cell Facial Care is used by frozen electric ion-implantation.
Make Epidermis of skin cooling and force it through electricity.
The facial care is that penetrates vitamins and skin solution into your skin. Its effective to remain in skin area, not absorbing immediately.



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