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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Say goodbye to your body fat in Renewmeskin clinic!


Mini-Liposuction: Remove fat directly without the risks or downtime
Cryolipo2 360º: Fat dissolving to freeze your fat way from non-invasive

Renewme Obesity clinic project!


What is Mini-Liposuction? “Remove fats directly using a thin cannula in areas and doesn’t require general anesthesia, or sedation with no painful and no downtime.”

Order of Procedure

STEP 01. Design for selected area

Before procedure, measure the size of area and design for selected area

STEP 02. Disinfection
Disinfect the area for safe procedure

STEP 03. Mini-Liposuction
 Remove the fat from the selected area from a thin cannula

STEP 03. Confirmation

Check the amount of removed fat with your own two eyes

-Advantages of Mini-Liposuction-

1. Check the removed fat for confirmation
You can check the amount of fat you removed after procedure

2. Minimal Downtime & Short Procedure Time
Take only about 20minutes and recommend even for busy patients.

3. Local Anesthesia Only
Sedation or general anesthesia is not required

4. Delicate Procedure
Have a procedure that can remove the part of area you selected


***Cryolipo2 360°***

What is Cryolipo2 360°
Dissolve fats using Cryolipolysis for selected fat cells in targeted areas and discharged from the body through urine or sweat.”

      Order of Procedure

STEP 01. Consultation
Have a check your targeted area with dermatologists

 STEP 02. Design
Before procedure, measure the size of area and design for selected area

 STEP 03. Preparation
Put Cryolipo pads for the targeted area

STEP 04. Treatment
Start to have pads and placed the hand piece upon the targeted area.

-Advantage of Cryolipo2 360°-

1. Selectively freezes fat cells only, at -9
we can select the fat cells in targeted areas.

2. Safe and quick procedure
No damage to surrounding skin, nerves, blood vessels, or muscles.

3. Fat cells naturally destroy themselves
No painful and no downtime right after the procedure.

4. Visual slimming effects with just one session
powerful fat dissolving effects when exposed to cold.

Stop by Renewme Skin Clinic for a consultation;
it's the first step for more slimmer and get Beauty!

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