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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Check out Excel V laser for pigmentation, redness, vascular removal treatment together!

Dark and Dull Skin type, remove your pigmentation!

Renewme Laser equipment 

Excel V

"What is Excel V laser?"

Renewme Skin Clinic Excel V Laser Freckles, Sunspots Laser 

Excel V Laser has 3 modes which help removing lesion and skin diseases
such as removal vascular, pigmentation etc
People can treat vascular, deeper vascular, pigmentation, skin diseases, pores, skin elasticity, and scar in the outer layer of skin.
You can treat various skin diseases from ONLY equipment.


Renewme Pigmentation Laser treatment

Why is Excel V laser is best for?

1. Treat skin diseases Together from Only one excel V with 3 MODES 

KTP Laser:  For superficial vascular conditions, pigmentation

Vascular (Long Pulse Nd: YAG): For deep vascular conditions pigmentation

Genesis: For improving wrinkles, scars, and skin elasticity

2. Apply diverse effectiveness for each skin diseases

3. Safe, Effective and Approved by the FDA

Short procedure time with quick, maximum effects with Minimal downtime for patients

No typical laser side effects such as discoloration or bums

Minimal pain even without anesthetic care; sapphire cooling system allows the equipment to maintain a steady temperature on the skin

Renewme Skin Clinic

Pigmentation Laser Treatment

One-on-One consultative and treatment are provided by 15 certified dermatologists

Patients have a consultation what treatment and modes is suitable from the dermatology specialists at Renewme Skin Clinic

Phone number: +82-2-588-7525
Email: renewmeview@gmail.comdhkt
Line: skin0075
Kakao Talk: renewmeskin
WeChat: ​rnmeskin
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