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2015년 1월 30일 금요일

Excel-V Laser for Facial Flushing - Seoul, Korea

Another blog post contributed by Dr. Ko Na Young of our Hwagok branch! Click here to view original post in Korean.


Facial flushing/redness can be troublesome for many, especially during the wintertime. I myself have been victim to blushing since my twenties, and have been steadily receiving laser treatment. Flushing actually runs in the whole family; my brother and parents all turn red as well, and so they receive treatment along with me.

I've tried most available lasers, from V-Beam to IPL, Vantage, etc. but since Excel-V was introduced to our clinic last year, it has become my go-to laser.

Why? Because I've tried so many different treatments for my flushing, but Excel-V has by far shown the best results. With Excel-V, I can adjust the laser wavelengths, pulse duration, and energy, and I am able to set the mode to treat either flushing, pigmentation, and skin elasticity.

Since my main concern is flushing, this is the mode I selected for my own treatment. First I went to the powder room to wash my face.

I set the laser mode to KTP 532nm for my treatment. Aside from slight prickling during the procedure, I did not feel much pain.

Below is my face right after procedure. My skin is a little red, but besides that there aren't any other side effects, and I was able to go right back to work.

Excel-V treats not only facial flushing, but also pigmented lesions, freckles, sagging skin, fine lines, and skin elasticity. I also treated my mother using all three modes available. This is her face before procedure. As you can see, her cheeks are red, and her skin is lacking firmness especially around the eyelids and jaw.

After one treatment session, I waited for 2 months before taking her photo again. She has seen considerable improvement especially in her cheeks; you can see her face has turned pale. Not only that, her nasolabial lines have faded, and she has experienced lifting effects around her eyes and jaws as well.

With a dermatologist for a daughter, my mother has received countless laser treatments. However, like myself, she has agreed that Excel-V has the best effects by far.

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2015년 1월 29일 목요일

Whitening Treatment for Darkened Underarms in Seoul, Korea

Discoloration in the armpits can be quite distressful and embarrassing, especially in the summertime when it's time to bring out the sleeveless tops. It has nothing to do with cleanliness or hair, which makes it even more frustrating. And although it's not a severe medical condition, if you're super self-conscious like me, I know that it will worry and bother the heck out of you until you can fix it.

What causes it in the first place? There's no one right answer, but to name a possible few:

-Deodorant. Maybe it's not right for you and you should consider switching.
-Shaving. Tiny hairs, that stubble you can't shave off, might make your underarms look darker.
-Bacteria. You might have a skin infection that causes darkness.
-Acanthosis nigricans. A skin condition that causes hyperpigmentation.
-Hormones/pregnancy. Changes in your body may cause discoloration.

Maybe you can actually treat it by changing your diet, or deodorant, or hair removal method. Maybe you need to visit a doctor to determine the fundamental cause. If you find that your case is not so serious, yet not so simple, you may want to consider laser toning at your skin clinic.

Laser toning?

I've written a post about this just a couple of days ago, but this treatment applies to darkened areas as well as pigmentation on the face. (Body skin, facial skin, it's all the same skin!)

Without damaging surrounding skin cells, laser toning can target and remove specific melanin cells, the cause of pigmentation. The treatment is painless with no downtime and pretty good results. Here are some before and after photos:

Normally, to achieve these effects, about 10 weekly sessions are required. So it is best to receive treatment in the country you live in - in our case, Korea!

Another treatment that can help with the darkening, when combined with laser toning, is called Aladdin Peel. Click on the link to learn more, but essentially Aladdin Peel is an exfoliating program that removes dead skin cells and leaves you with fresh new skin.

If you find that home remedies you searched for online just don't work for you, the answer might actually be a lot simpler than you thought. Laser toning is a safe and effective way to lighten your underarms, bikini line, elbows, you name it!

Contact us for a consultation today if this applies to you. ;-)

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2015년 1월 28일 수요일

Ultherapy - Non Invasive Ultrasonic Facelift in Seoul, Korea

Of all the facial anti-aging solutions available out there, a surgical facelift might have the most drastic and immediate results, despite the horrific downtime which could be overlooked considering the astounding effects. I've been googling some testimonials and before/after photos myself, and I must admit I was pretty impressed. I could definitely understand why people would want to go through it.

But would I myself consider getting one for myself when I'm older? Maybe I'm too young to actually know what it feels like, but at the moment, I'm way too scared. It's a pretty big surgery that requires a lot of conviction and patience until the results are natural and wounds are completely healed. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to go under the knife.

So what do you do, if you're scared like me, but still want some face lifting results?

A popular treatment in Korea, and many other parts of the world, is called Ultherapy.

Ulthera is a device that uses ultrasound to regenerate collagen, targeting deep under the skin, penetrating depths that current lasers fail to do. The energy is concentrated like sunlight is concentrated under a magnifying glass to burn paper, or ants, or whatever you burned when you were a kid. :P This freshly generated collagen is what works to lift the skin. You might see results instantly, but normally patients see gradual results after a couple of months or so - this lasts for about one year.

Is it safe?
Ultherapy was approved by the FDA for its safety and lifting effects. Ultrasound has been used for decades now - the technology has been tested and proved to be safe.

Does it hurt?
Not going to lie - the procedure can hurt. A numbing cream is applied before the procedure, but a bit of pain is inevitable. Patients have told me that still, for what they expected, the pain was tolerable.

Any downtime?
Ultherapy does not have any downtime. It leaves no mark - no needle injections, no scars.

Does it really work?
YES. Check out some results here:

If you want to see fast results with just one treatment, Ultherapy might be the perfect choice! Stop by Renewme Skin Clinic for consultation, if you want treatment from an experienced and certified dermatologist in Korea.

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2015년 1월 27일 화요일

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation/Age Spots in Seoul, South Korea

Facial pigmentation (melasma) can make your face look blotchy, messy and unclean, no matter how hard you scrub and exfoliate. Pigmentation is not considered cute like freckles; it can actually be a source of distress and I'm sure those who've experienced it have also lengthily researched on ways to get rid of it. So what causes this discoloration? Though the fundamental causes are still not 100% clear (pregnancy, birth control, genetics, sun exposure are a few), we can still explain what happens once it's triggered.

To start off with, melanin cells are the source of skin pigmentation. Existing in the lowest parts of our skin, these cells take on the role of distributing color across our skin. It protects skin cells from UV light, but when we're exposed to excessive sunlight, melanin grows rapidly both in size and in proportionate quantities. 

As a result, the pigments can be unevenly distributed across the skin, causing darkened spots and freckles. In cases of skin inflammation, the dermis (thicker skin layer) is wounded, after which the melanin cells are damaged and settles deeper within the skin. With further exposure to UV rays, even more pigments are built up in the dermis. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The latest treatment method for pigmentation is called laser toning.

Laser toning can selectively destroy melanin cells without further damaging surrounding skin cells. With the latest equipment, doctors can now get better results while patients experience no pain or side effects. Now we can treat pigmentation and diseases that were previously difficult to cure, such as freckles or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

FAQ: Can I see results with one treatment session?

Short answer: Not really.
Long answer: Patients normally require weekly treatment sessions of at least 5-10 in total for complete removal. Unless you are a frequent visitor, I would not recommend you get this treatment in Korea if you do not reside here.

Post-Procedural Guidelines:

1. Avoid sauna, massages, irritating makeup, excessive exposure to sunlight, and alcohol after treatment.
2. Patients may experience redness immediately after, which normally subsides within a few days.
3. Patients with a history or acne may experience itchiness or skin trouble, due to acne hidden under the skin surfacing after treatment. If such symptoms occur, revisit your clinic.
4. Apply rejuvenation cream and sunscreen regularly.

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2015년 1월 26일 월요일

The Tastiest Jokbal - Korean Food Adventure!

So last Friday night, I went out with some friends to a restaurant right across from Renewme Skin Clinic Seocho branch. Our Seocho branch is conveniently located right in front of the subway gate, at Nambu Bus Terminal Station, line 3. Close by is the Seoul Arts Center, a major hub for the arts, with concerts and exhibitions ongoing throughout the whole year. The bus terminal, after which the station is named, was built in 1968 and stands old and strong, midst bustling Gangnam city life. The main street, and all the alleyways behind and in between, are lined with restaurants of all sorts, for a quick office lunch or for a relaxed dinner (+drinks) with coworkers after a long day of work.

The menu of choice this time was jokbal. This might be a daring dish to try for some foreigners - it's a dish consisting of pig's feet/legs, soaked in soy sauce and all sorts of other goodness. It's quite a greasy dish as well, so if you're a meat-lover up for trying something new, try it out! As for myself, I'd only had this dish once before in my life as a teenager, and as a Korean my friends considered this unacceptable :D  I was eager to try jokbal again and catch up on what I'd apparently missed out on big time.

The name of the restaurant is Gajang Mashitneun Jokbal (가장 맛있는 족발), which translates to "The Tastiest Jokbal." It's a chain restaurant so we trusted it would live up to its reputation and name. (Sorry for the bad photos, by the way - my phone is super old!)

The interior was clean and welcoming - many restaurants that sell traditional Korean "peasant" food could be a bit old and dilapidated, but this place was modern and new.

Wet tissues in packages are provided for customers to wash their hands!

Bean sprout soup

Kimchi + side dishes

Side dishes, known in Korean as banchan, are extremely important. You don't go into a restaurant, order a meal, and get only what you ordered. Not in Korea. Good banchan equals good first impression of a restaurant. Here, the table is first set with different dishes that accompany your main meal. In this case, some soup. kimchi, and vegetables.

Self-serviced banchan is also another big thing. Instead of calling on a waiter to fill up your dishes (yes, banchan are all refillable), you simply have to make your way to a stand and take as much as you want to eat. Super convenient, and saves a lot of time as well!

So at one side of the restaurant, the meat is prepared in an open environment. Judging from the white container box, I'm guessing someone ordered to go.

This was our main dish - half regular, half spicy. Not sure if I remember correctly, but this dish cost a little less than 40,000 KRW. I think it was the perfect amount for about 2-3 people. The spicy half did not suit me well, since I'm terrible with spicy foods, but the regular jokbal tasted awesome. The greasy part that covers each slice of meat felt like the perfect, chewy condiment. In Korea that part is known to be filled with collagen and good for the skin. I doubt it actually has such good effects, but it makes me feel less guilty about eating something I assume to be pretty high in calorie content. :)

We ordered some spicy cold noodles (jaengban guksu) as well - this stuff was awesome! Noodles with lots of fresh veggies sliced up into a tolerably spicy sauce, which balances out the greasiness from the meat. Have you ever tried something that was spicy, sweet, fresh, and tangy at the same time? The taste of this is a sensation that cannot be described, unless you are Korean or unless you try this for yourself!

And of course, the national alcoholic beverage, soju, to accompany. We actually had makgeolli (rice wine) as well, but I didn't get a shot of that.
All in all, I had a very positive experience. I don't think jokbal had made such a good impression on me when I first tried it as a teenager, which is probably why I never thought to eat it for all those years. However, I would definitely go again. I'm not a food blogger or anything so I don't have much of a refined taste, but I can say for sure that the meat was tasty and I enjoyed my dinner here. The atmosphere of this place was also a plus - the lights were warm and generally everyone was just enjoying themselves and having a good time. As is it with most good restaurants, of course.

So if you happen to stop by the area, to visit for dermatology consultation or otherwise, you might want to try "the tastiest jokbal" near Nambu Bus Terminal! You won't regret the experience. ;)

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2015년 1월 23일 금요일

FREE Cosmetics Event in Seoul, South Korea!!!

T.G.I.F! Fridays are the best. It's only morning here but I'm already completely psyched for what the weekend has in store for me. I hope everyone else also has awesome plans. Even if you're not going out, staying home all day, eating and watching movies also counts as awesome - we all need time for rest and relaxation, don't we? ;)

Anyway, I am super excited to finally announce that Renewme Skin Clinic is hosting an event for our expats and international patients out there! For any treatment over 500,00 KRW, we are offering a FREE cosmetic product of your choice, out of three! We have our own line of functional cosmetic products, offered only to our clinic patients at the moment at 38,000 KRW each. Check out what's in store:

1. Intensive Moisturizing Cream

Renewme Intensive Moisturizing Cream is free of the 4 major harmful chemical ingredients (parabens, mineral oil, benzophenone, triethanolamine). It is a mild moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin.

Capacity: 100 ml.

Excellent ingredients to moisturize and stabilize the skin –
ceramide 3, phytosphingosine, fatty acids, MCT
As lipids decrease in the skin, so does your moisture retention. This makes your skin dry and degrades skin protection. The Intensive Moisturizing Cream contains ingredients that help form a protective coat for the skin, firmly reinforcing skin lipids and, as the name suggests, intensively moisturizing.

Natural Moisturizing Factors
Amino acids and betaines contribute to a deeper moisturizing effect.

Peptides to stabilize the skin
For skin barrier improvement: Delisens, acetyl hexapeptide-46
For skin elasticity: rh-Oligopeptide-1, rh-Polypeptide-1

Natural ingredients including shea butter, argan oil, and spent grain
All natural substances help to improve the skin barrier and treat skin sensitivity.

2. Triple Protection Sun Cream

Renewme Triple Protection Sun Cream is free of the 4 major harmful preservatives (parabens, mineral oil, benzophenone, triethanolamine). Functions include wrinkle removal, skin whitening, and UV protection for dry and sensitive skin.

SPF 50+, PA+++ | 50ml

Contains niasinamide for whitening and adenosine for wrinkle repair
Other components for wrinkle repair include phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid and bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol.

Natural moisturizing factors
Amino acids and betaines contribute to a deeper moisturizing effect.

Sebum control powder
This sunscreen contains sebum control powder that creates a non-sticky, soft and light formula, additionally offering long lasting protection from sweat, water, and UV rays.

Contains aloe vera to stabilize skin sensitivity
Aloe vera is also known for its antibacterial and healing properties.

3. Oil-Free Sun Cream

Renewme Oil-Free Sun Cream is free of the 4 major harmful preservatives (parabens, mineral oil, benzophenone, triethanolamine). It is a milder sunscreen for sensitive skin types.

SPF 40, PA++ | 50ml

Compatible with oily and acne-prone skin
Oil-Free Sun Cream was especially developed to suit those who were reluctant to use sunscreen due to their skin troubles.

Natural moisturizing factors
Amino acids, betaines, and aloe vera extracts contribute to a deeper moisturizing and soothing effect.

Sebum control powder
This sunscreen contains sebum control powder that creates a non-sticky, soft and light formula, additionally offering long lasting protection from sweat, water, and UV rays.

Consists of micro-sizes particles to minimize white cast and maximize UV protection

Now is your chance to receive any of these for free! Check out our website to see all the treatments we offer at Renewme Skin Clinic, and contact us for a consultation today. :)

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2015년 1월 22일 목요일

Botox Injection for Your Gummy Smile in Seoul, South Korea

They say a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear, and to this I agree completely. A genuine smile can be contagious in a good way - it's heartwarming and can remind you that perhaps the world is not such a bad place to live in after all. :) In my opinion, any smile - as long as it is real and natural - is beautiful, and the more we have reason to smile the better. Sadly, however, some people are self-conscious about their appearances when they smile. Perhaps you're not happy with your teeth alignment, or the way your face wrinkles up, or how small your eyes look when you do (Asian problems here).

Gummy smiles can be another thing people might be quite bothered about. This refers to excessive exposure of gums - but what defines 'excessive'? There is no such thing as a perfect ratio of gum to teeth exposure, but generally we consider 1 millimeter the perfect amount of gum exposure, and about 2 millimeters as the maximum limit. Many would say that 3 mm and over may look unnatural or maybe even aesthetically displeasing to the eye.

What may be the cause of gummy smiles? Here are a few possible reasons:

1. Protruding mouth. If your teeth are protruding outwards, your lips naturally bare your teeth/gums further.
2. The muscles around your lips are overdeveloped. This makes your lips move higher than necessary when smiling, therefore showing more gums.
3. You just have too much gums. This makes your teeth appear smaller in comparison and even further accentuates your gums.

Now, there are a few surgical solutions (like gingivectomy) available for gummy smiles, provided by dentists or plastic surgeons. However, if it applies to you, you might want to consider a botox injection - a temporary but non-surgical and safe procedure that might deliver good results quite easily.

How does it work?
Botox injections, in short, paralyze muscles and therefore prevent further contraction - this is what keeps wrinkles from deepening. When injected near the lips, it keeps the muscles surrounding your lips from contracting and lifting too much during a smile, therefore exposing less gums.

How long will results last?
This differs among patients, but generally 4 to 6 months. If you receive injections regularly, the muscles adjust to the degradation, and the effects will last longer over time.

Although a simple procedure, botox injections can go wrong if not done properly. It's essential to paralyze the right muscles; if not, your smile can end up looking unnatural and awkward. Therefore, make sure you do plenty of research beforehand and find a doctor that is certified and experienced.

Good to know, though, that there is such an easy answer out there for something that can cause so much stress! Botox injections for gummy smiles are safe, with very little downtime and high patient satisfaction rates. Contact Renewme Skin Clinic for a consultation today to see if this injection can apply to you too. Restore your self confidence and show off that beautiful smile of yours. :-)

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2015년 1월 20일 화요일

How to Take Care of Sensitive Skin

Here is another blog post contributed by Dr. Ko Na Young (modified in English), director of our Hwagok branch. Original post (in Korean) can be found here.

For all of you out there with super sensitive skin, I definitely share your pain. My skin is so sensitive, I haven't been able to try out any new foundation for over 10 years. Every time I try something new, my skin breaks out or I end up with allergic reactions. I once even broke out from a new shampoo that trickled down onto my face when I washed my hair! And one time, I applied a new body lotion I received as a gift and ended up itching all over and unable to use it. Facial scrubs? Couldn't even dream of it.

Plus, my skin turns red at the slightest touch or stimulation (also known as dermographism). Luckily, it isn't the itchy type, so I don't need to take any medications, but it still causes so many discomforts.

For example, if the chain from my handbag touches my arm, that area swells and turns red. People always ask me if something is wrong with my arm. I've grown used to saying "that happens when something touches my skin," but I can still feel their eyes filled with... concern? pity? repulsion? I can't tell.

I'm also allergic to most metals, and can only wear 14K gold jewelry. It can't even be gold plated; my skin will recognize it right away and start itching. I can't wear wristwatches, either (so these days I am considering a solid gold watch).

I can't wear any clothes made of wool because it's too abrasive. I need to wear something softer underneath.

My body can't metabolize alcohol either, so when I have a few drinks, my whole body turns red and itches all over.

My skin also tends to be extremely dry during winters, so I need to pay extra attention to moisturizing. If I don't moisturize immediately after showering, I'll start itching right away.

Gosh. Talk about difficult, right?

As a dermatologist, I come across many patients whom, like myself, have sensitive skin. Since I know how it feels only too well, I do my best to treat them and provide guidelines on how to take care of their skin:

-First of all, if you have sensitive skin, you should do your best to avoid any new material that could irritate your skin.

-Try not to change your cosmetic products/daily skincare regimen, dye your hair, or shower for too long.

-Don't scrub your body or exfoliate at home.

-Acne ointments or whitening creams should be used with extra caution.

-Alcohol may cause itching or skin irritation, so refrain from drinking if possible.

-Try not to wear any clothes made of wool.

-Shower with lukewarm water under 10 minutes, and moisturize your whole body immediately after, especially during winter.

-Stay away from strong winds or heaters, which can make your skin drier.

And most importantly, skin troubles rarely just improve on their own, and in fact, only get worse if you leave it be. So make sure to visit a dermatologist right away - this advice is actually from my own experience with dermatitis. I try to avoid taking medication for as long as possible, but usually my condition worsens and I have to take medication anyway, for a much longer period than initially necessary.
Now that I know better, I take medicine as soon as I see any hint of dermatitis, and receive soothing treatments offered at our clinic, such as Omega Light. My skin usually returns to normal after about a day or two.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to receive treatment as soon as possible. I always make sure to tell my patients that the longer the condition lasts, the longer treatment will take as well.

It can be a real pain to have sensitive skin, but with the right care hopefully you will be able to manage it a little more efficiently. Good luck!

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2015년 1월 19일 월요일

Facial Peel Programs in Seoul, Korea - 4. Aladdin Peeling

Finally, the last in our series about facial peel programs offered at Renewme Skin Clinic! Here are posts about the first three, click to read:

1. Oxygen Peeling
2. Skin Scaling
3. Aquapeel

The last one is called Aladdin Peel, and it's actually quite a popular treatment in Korea, among locals and to foreigners alike.

The main purpose of this peeling program (and of many others for that matter) is to remove dead cells and regenerate new and fresh skin. Aladdin Peel is a deeper, more intense procedure that uses a solution made of natural ingredients to rub into the skin, exfoliating and letting the nutrients and minerals from the solution permeate through the new fresher layers of the skin. It can ultimately stimulate metabolism and regenerate skin cells, resulting in a evened and clearer skin tone.

The procedure takes about 7-10 minutes depending on skin type. Results are best with 3-5 continuous treatment sessions.

Advantages of Aladdin Peel
With just one treatment session, patients experience an extreme exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. Effects also apply to the back, chest, and other wider areas of the body.

Indications for Treatment:
-Pigmentation on the skin
-Fine lines
-Acne and acne marks/scars
-Wastes in the pores

So many options to choose from! The best bet, of course, would be to visit a dermatologist to determine the best peeling program for you - based on your skin type and what you wish to achieve for your skin. Besides, there are many other treatment programs that can guarantee you a fresher and younger complexion. Contact us today and start your journey back to youth.

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2015년 1월 16일 금요일

Ways to Achieve the Perfect V-Line in Seoul, South Korea

Hi y'all! What a dreary Friday afternoon here in Seoul. It's drizzly, cloudy, and hazy - just about everything depressing you could expect from the weather. While I would give anything to be at home under the covers in my pajamas, napping and watching pirated movies all day, I am instead sitting at my office desk in deep thought, wondering what other tips I could share with you lovely people out there on how to maintain beautiful skin.

In Korea, the V-line, or egg-shaped face, is considered a necessity for a beautiful face. Facial shape is taken quite seriously here - we like our slim, pointed chins. Developed square jaws are a major no-no and just not attractive to Koreans. The obsession with the term "V-line" is actual fairly recent, according to my memory. I think it really started to become a thing after it came out in some TV commercial about a drink that was supposed to be good for getting slimmer. Anyway, I remember when I was a student, the chin roller was introduced and became quite popular. Click here to see what I'm talking about! I have no idea whether it was effective at all, but everyone one was using it to make their faces slimmer, and I must admit I've also tried one out myself, under peer pressure.

Now, there are a few ways to go about this craze over the V-line. One very drastic way is to have jaw reduction surgery at a plastic surgery clinic ... which makes me cringe from just imagining the pain and suffering one must go through for that! Another is to be happy with the face shape you have and not give a rat's fart about what is "considered" beautiful. This is ideally the correct and most reasonable option. However, we human beings are naturally drawn toward aesthetically pleasing things. We like to look pretty and look good. And if you knew that there were simple and affordable procedures out there that could subtly help you achieve attractiveness, wouldn't you go for it? Plus, your facial/body features could also be a source of distress if it gives off a bad impression, or if it makes you look older or tired.

Dermatology clinics such as Renewme can provide safe yet effective solutions that are not as harsh/risky as plastic surgery. All done in simple injections, here are a few options you might want to consider:

1. Contouring Injection

Contouring injections can dissolve excess fat in targeted areas and naturally slim down the face. It is recommended for double chins, lumpy skin that lacks elasticity, and anyone with a lot of fat on their faces. Results are best with multiple injection sessions rather than just one. 

2. Filler
You might think, "fillers add volume, so they can't make you look slimmer!" On the contrary, fillers can create the facial shape that you're looking for. Chin fillers can make your face more heart-shaped and make that V-line everyone wants so bad.

The third one is actually the director of our Dongdaenun branch, Dr. Kim Jung Geun! Read his testimonial by clicking here.

3. Botox
Though botox injections are normally done to prevent wrinkles, it can actually serve far many more purposes. Hmm... I should actually write a whole blog post about that later. Anyway, if you have a square jaw you'd like to get rid of (only in Korea, right?), you first need to figure out what makes your jaw square in the first place. A dermatologist consultation will do just that for you. If the cause of your square jaw is your jawbone, you would need to get plastic surgery done. If it's fat, a contouring injection will do. If it's muscle, a botox injection does the trick by paralyzing the muscles around the area, making it deteriorate over time. Effects last for a few months so you'd need a retouch, but the results are generally quite satisfactory.

A combination of all three, and it is not so difficult to create the facial shape you want. Perks of living in today's generation, don't you think? Now you can look like a K-pop star with just a few simple injections! :D
Filler and botox injections are available in different brands and according prices. Contact Renewme Skin Clinic today for a consultation, to determine which the best option is for you!

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2015년 1월 15일 목요일

Facial Peel Programs in Seoul, Korea - 3. Aquapeel

The third in our facial peel program series, after Oxygen Peel and Skin Scaling, is something called Aquapeel.

As the name might suggest, Aquapeel is a hydrating + exfoliating procedure that removes blackheads and sebum as well. The solution used for this treatment is a combination of AHA and BHA. Let's take a look at what this is first:

AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) is a water soluble ingredient that cleanses the outer layers of the skin. This is the agent that works to treat dryness and sun damage on the surface.
BHA (beta hydroxy acid), contrary to AHA, is dissolved by oil, and can therefore penetrate the sebum and dead skin cells that clog up our pores. It can prevent oily skin and treat inflammatory acne as well as infections, and is the preferred ingredient for products used at dermatology clinics.

A combination of the two can thoroughly cleanse the skin, remove sebum/dead skin cells, treat acne, and moisturize. Aquapeel can remove blackheads as well as whiteheads, preventing further breakouts by cleansing deep within the pores, resulting in hydrated and clearer skin tone.

Advantages of Aquapeel
Aquapeel can work on all skin types and has no downtime. The treatment duration is also very short and painless - for its effects, patients generally respond positively.

Indications for Treatment
-Excess sebum
-Frequent breakouts
-Dull skin tone
-Clogged pores
-Extremely dry skin

Click here for more information provided by NeoMED, the manufacturers.

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2015년 1월 14일 수요일

Treatment for Low Temperature Burns

Here is a blog post written by Dr. Ko Na Young, director of our Hwagok Branch. The post has been translated from Korean to English; you can read the original post by clicking here.

I noticed an article in the newspaper yesterday about low-temperature burns. With the increase in burn patients I've been treating lately, I thought I might share some information about low-temperature burns with you today.

We normally tend to think burns occur from hot temperatures higher than 100 degrees (Celsius), but this is a common misconception. Our skin can also get burned from prolonged exposure to temperatures as low as 40-45 degrees; this is called a low-temperature burn. Most often, such burns are caused by heating products such as electric heating pads, hot water mats, and hot packs.

Low-temperature burns can actually be more dangerous than high-temperature burns, since the skin is exposed longer to heat and damages layers deeper in the skin. Typical second-degree burns can heal within about two weeks, but low-temperature burns may require longer than a month for full recovery.

I myself have experienced a nasty low-temperature burn last winter, which had been quite a nuisance for more than two months. I'm very sensitive to cold, and always use an electric hot pack before going to bed. One morning, I woke up to a huge blister with a diameter of about 7 mm on my left wrist.

About a week after the blister settled down, the skin around that area turned white, sank in, and wouldn't show any signs of healing. It was in awful condition, as you can see from the photo.


I dressed the burn as best as I could, but even after a month it stayed exactly the same; it healed so little that even my dermatologist colleagues from the clinic thought of it as quite a peculiar case.

I think it might have been because the burn was around the wrist bone, where the skin is thinner and constantly active (since we move around our hands a lot). And on top of that, my wounds just don't tend to heal well in general.

About 5-6 weeks after my burn, I was still not noticing any improvement. I finally made a big decision to remove all the tissues around the burn and stitch the skin together. My fellow dermatologist Dr. Choi Wujin was kind enough to operate on me. If this didn't work, my last option would be a skin graft... but since skin grafts can leave significant scarring, I wanted to avoid it at all costs.

Since frequent movement in the wrists could put too much tension on the surgery area and result in skin necrosis, I kept my wrist in a cast, made for me by my father, who is an orthopedic surgeon.

I kept the cast on even as I treated my patients. Each time I dressed that wound, I would add PRP and PDRN injections to help with the healing process.
Two weeks later, my burn had finally healed. Of course, it had still left a scar. The photo below was taken a few days after my stitches were removed.

I was so happy that my burn had finally healed! ^^

As for the scar, it is getting progressively smaller with laser treatments such as Excel-V and Mosaic. Now it just looks like a slight bruise.

I had treated many burn patients in the past, but I had no idea how tough it would be to actually experience one myself. I couldn't wash myself or even change clothes properly.

Of course, now that I know what it's really like, I'm more eager to treat fellow burn patients and can explain the guidelines and cautions in better detail.

To everyone out there, please be careful of burns at all times, and visit a dermatology clinic right away if you ever do get burned!

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2015년 1월 13일 화요일

Facial Peel Programs in Seoul, Korea - 2. Skin Scaling

Following yesterday's post about chemical peel programs at Renewme Skin Clinic, today's post will be about something called skin scaling. When I hear the word "skin scaling," normally what comes to mind is a snake, or some other reptile with scales shedding its old skin. We also use the term "scaly" skin for when the skin gets flaky and dry and starts to peel off - except for this treatment, that scaling is done intentionally.

Skin scaling is the ultimate form of exfoliation. A scaling solution is applied all over the face, which melts and removes all the dead cells resting on the outer layers of the skin. The pores, which had previously been clogged with the dead skin cells and sebum, can now open up and discharge excess sebum as well as calm down any inflammation, therefore treating acne as well as clear up and even out the skin tone. For dry skin especially, skin scaling can keep your skin moisturized and better absorb the effects of your daily skin regimen or cosmetic products.

For treating acne/freckles/pores, we recommend you receive skin scaling once every week or two weeks, for 4-5 sessions total. To maintain your improved skin thereafter, it's best to receive scaling once a month.

One of the biggest advantages of skin scaling is that there is no downtime at all. The solution does not consist of any harsh chemicals, and therefore is lighter on the skin. You won't experience any scabs or pigmentation as a result, and you can wash your face/apply makeup right after.

Indications for treatment:
-Wide pores
-Dull skin
-Freckles and blemishes

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2015년 1월 12일 월요일

Facial Peel Programs in Seoul, Korea - 1. Oxygen Peeling

Good skin can do a lot for your appearance - it makes you look younger, refreshed, and livelier. And if you're getting prepped for some special event; say, a first date or an interview, you can't afford to break out all over or look dull, or seem pasty under layers of foundation to cover up all your blemishes.

If you're looking for a fast way to even out your skin tone and get clearer and smoother skin, a facial peel might be just what you need. This is a treatment in which a chemical solution is spread across the face, causing the dead skin cells to "peel" off, giving way to new and fresh skin from underneath. Chemical peels can control sebum and therefore treat acne, as well as hydrate and allow your skin to better absorb the nutrients and minerals from your everyday cosmetic products. It's like giving your skin layers a chance to start anew! Since it's such a well-known and popular treatment in Korea, we at Renewme Skin Clinic offer different types of chemical peels to tend to our patients' individual skin conditions. After a consultation, our dermatologist will suggest a chemical peel to suit what you specifically want for your skin.

Today's " Peel of the Day" is called... Oxygen Peeling.

Effects include:
-Providing oxygen to the skin
-Skin regeneration

Oxygen levels in the skin decrease as the years go by - as a result, the skin's metabolism weakens, which causes the skin to age. Oxygen peels at Renewme Skin Clinic provide a mixture of pure vitamin C and oxygen, the effects of which include improved blood circulation, skin regeneration, whitening, and hydration. Effects are evident with just one treatment session.

Oxygen peels are recommended for:
-Aging, lifeless skin
-Dull, darkened skin
-Skin with blemishes and pigmentation

More chemical peels to come soon!

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2015년 1월 9일 금요일

Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Seoul Korea

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is a disease that is triggered by stress or emotional stimulation, in which eccrine glands secrete sweat more than the necessary amount to control body temperature. It usually takes place on the palms, soles, armpits, face and scalp, and is caused by emotional stimulation, rather than changes in temperature. Hyperhidrosis can affect your social life and cause quite a bit of distress - take a look at this check list and see if hyperhidrosis may apply to you (six or more):

-Once I start to sweat, I can't stop
-I get worried because of my sweating
-I sweat a lot when I'm nervous or when I'm concentrating
-I take a lot of showers because of my sweat
-I worry about sweating in front of other people
-I have used a sweat restrainer or powder before
-I always carry around extra socks/clothes in case I sweat
-I have considered sweat gland suction before
-I don't feel comfortable wearing makeup because of my sweat
-Sweat affects my job options

The two main treatment options offered at Renewme Skin Clinic are botox injections and sweat gland suction.

Multi-needle botox injection uses several needles at the same time within same depth, distributing the injection solution evenly and quickly, shortening procedure time and relieving pain. Botox blocks signals to the sweat glands that produce sweat. It's a temporary solution, but for an affordable price you will experience considerably less sweat.

Sweat gland suction (Liposat) is a surgery that removes sweat glands, the source of all that sweat. The infiltration pump used for sweat gland suction procedures is punctured at the top where it meets the skin directly, in order to further effectively remove sweat glands. Due to its steady movement, the tube causes no damage to surrounding tissues, and can also prevent possible burns from friction. Small stitches made after the procedure furthermore ensure minimal scarring.

Here is what the process is like:

1. Doctors determine the exact location of the apocrine sweat glands to be removed.
2. Tumescent anesthesia is evenly applied in 3~4 areas using a thin injection needle to heighten numbing and prevent further bleeding. Patients feel minimal pain.
3. After anesthesia, two incisions of about 3 mm are made, after which the Liposat pump is inserted to rake in and remove sweat glands from subcutaneous fat.
4. One stitch is made for each incision point, after which a pad or bandage is applied to secure the procedure area in place. Patients will wear super elastic clothing for about 2 weeks. Once the bandage is removed, patients can shower right away. Light exercise is permitted after 1 week.

Things to remember before the surgery:

-Smoking, aspirin, and other medications are prohibited for 2 weeks.
-Trim your hairs to about 1 cm in length instead of shaving completely.
-Wear buttoned clothes for about 2 days; patients may not be able to raise their arms.

A more upgraded version of the Liposat sweat gland suction is called AccuSculpt. This equipment is more known for laser-liposuction/body contouring, so mainly cosmetic procedures, but it's also an effective method for removing sweat glands.

AccuSculpt lasers can selectively target and eliminate subcutaneous apocrine glands; it is a next-generation treatment for osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis. After making a small incision of about 5 mm on the underarm, a thin needle-like pipe is inserted, from which the laser is emitted to destroy the apocrine glands. The destroyed glands are then suctioned and removed. This can treat osmidrosis (body odor) as well as hyperhidrosis.
For both botox and AccuSculpt, one of our dermatologists at Renewme Skin Clinic decided to test the procedure out for himself before treating patients. You can read the full review by clicking here.

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